July 15

So many candidates, and the day isn’t over.  Too bad, as I think the dinner I’m in the midst of making (Tofu with Ponzu and Snowpeas) could be a contender.  And, Red Sox came out of a series with Tampa 2-1 with a win today –and  all 3 games were televised.  Also did the NYT crossword in toto.

Today goes to Simon, the Eclectus parrot who lives here with me, relishing his shower.  We had our usual afternoon thunderstorm and Simon got to enjoy it on the screened-in porch.  The ceiling is screened, so the rain pours in, to Simon’s delight.  The anhingas  (birds) here like to stand in the sun and hold their wings out, to dry them.  Simon strikes the same pose, only to ensure he gets thoroughly drenched.  Love him, love seeing (and hearing) him being totally in the moment.


......former public defender/legal aid lawyer, Teach For America teacher, and always running....

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Marathoner, Detroit native, Red Sox Nation member, lover of all things "all singing/all dancing" and glad you're here. Friends with Coco, Caroline and Simon (2 cats & the Eclectus Parrot).

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