Almost 472 miles

The newspapers and magazines have begun their “year in review” articles and in some cases, entire issues.  Just a handful of these will sate my appetite.  There are a few, e.g., the NY Times Book Review, that are worth saving into the next year.

Determined not to add to the reflections clutter, I am simply going to state that I ran 18 marathons in 2015.    The list can be found here: Search 2015 marathons.  Type in my name, Amy Yanni, and marathonguide will generate the list.

Because I am a lady of a certain age, I usually win my age group.  I did so in all but Boston, where I was 11th.  And the Flying Monkey Marathon doesn’t do age groups.  You’ll have to check that one out; The Monkey.

At this point, people who don’t know me (and are still reading) usually ask “Why?”  My glib response is something like: “keeps me out of trouble!”  This masks the fact that I can’t honestly say, so I thought I’d ponder it out here in print.

Once I started running marathons, in 2003, I got into running quite a lot each year.  Part of it was wanting to run a marathon in all 50 states, which I’ve accomplished.  Another part was being in Marathon Maniacs, and reaching the highest (10 star Titanium) status in the club.    That required me to run 30 states in one year, which I did in 2006 or thereabouts.  The complete list is here: Maniac #130

Some runners I know turn around and repeat running the 50 states.  The 50 States Club even keeps track of those members who do so.  Some have made it 4 or more times.  This doesn’t appeal to me.  I mean, Delaware’s a nice state, but once is enough.  Plus there are a bunch of marathons I haven’t run but want to, never mind in what state.  And there are some I’ve done that I love and hope to repeat whenever possible.  Who doesn’t love San Francisco?  Running the Golden Gate Bridge is a thrill even though I’ve done it four times.  Plus, sourdough bread.  City Lights Bookstore.  The wharf.  The hills, even though you have to run them.


Traveling is part of what I love about running marathons, but I run quite a few close to home. I really haven’t met too many marathons I haven’t at least liked; many, I love.  Meeting people and meeting up with running friends at marathons is a significant factor in what makes this such a fabulous hobby.  Of course, doing something that a lot of people haven’t or can’t do admittedly feeds the ego a bit.  And speaking of feeding, my weekly mileage means I get to eat considerably more.   I’m over 3,000 miles so far this year (the 472 in the title is just marathon miles).

There’s also something I’d describe as the marathon being a true example of something that is genuine, the “real deal.”  I’m big on people, places and experiences you can describe like that.  Fenway Park is an example.  The marathon is something you can’t fake.  You might be able to bust out a 100 yard dash or even a fast mile, but you have to train some to run a halfway decent marathon.  There’s also a mental component.  That may be what keeps me intrigued.  That marathon “state of mind.”

When I figure out exactly what it is, I’ll come back and continue this post.  In the meantime, I think I’ll go for a run.



......former public defender/legal aid lawyer, Teach For America teacher, and always running....

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2 comments on “Almost 472 miles
  1. audrey says:

    Love this!!! Congrats on your amazing year!!

  2. floridaamos says:

    Thanks, Audrey…..felt as if I was bragging a bit, so I’m glad to hear you didn’t take it that way. I’m always aware running is a gift.

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