Haikus on the run

I love to run with people but I also treasure solitary runs.  Sometimes, during the latter, my mind drifts and I try to think of haikus.  Since I’m an amateur, I take a few liberties with the form.  These are some recent ones.

night jasmine

  • Running after dark
  • Streetlights and shadows: scents, ah!
  • Night blooming jasmine.


  • Strutting white egret
  • Crosses my path in haste: Fear
  • Not.   …just a runner.


  • That part in a race:
  • the cop stops traffic for you.
  • You hoped for a rest.


  • Running buddy chats
  • About pace, prs and poop.
  • ….. Shhh!  Let’s run silent.


  • On my route, there’s a
  • Florida Avocado
  • Tree.  I just snitched one.



  • Light mist in the dawn,
  • skritch of sneakers on wet streets,
  • dark skies turning silver.


  • Door creaks, steps on dew
  • Little anole bolts.  Start watch:
  • Wish I were as fast.


  • Brown lump to my left
  • Roadkill?  Family pet?  Oh,
  • just fallen palm fronds.palm frond

......former public defender/legal aid lawyer, Teach For America teacher, and always running....

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2 comments on “Haikus on the run
  1. Talia Hardy says:

    Thanks for your visit and the follow. Your 6th Haiku has a great sense of place and time. Good imagery too.

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