On not giving up

surrendered-business-woman-man-wave-white-flag-cartoon-meg-bob-not-achieving-goals-waving-isolated-background-38758740“Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.”- Marilyn vos Savant

Such a serious sounding quotation.  Stick around; I promise to lighten it up.  And I assure you, no profound advice or portentous observations.

Runners World will send you a quote of the day if you ask them.  This was the one for today.  When I read it this morning, it pushed me toward writing about my run last night.  I was on the fence about it as it’s really no big deal.

I say that now, having enjoyed a great night’s sleep.  (It’s cool here in SW FL; even the cats are snuggly.)  Yesterday, I was bumming out.  Nothing major; I’m a cancer survivor so bad days come and go without angst.  Still, fair to say I was not in a happy place.

Let’s go back to the cats.  I have two lovely ladies, Coco and Caroline (yes, I’m a Sox fan and yes, she’s Sweet).  Coco is totally low maintenance but for the fact that when she is anxious, she pees on the bed.  [OK, no URI, 3 boxes I clean daily, she loves Caroline].   IMG_0250


So the day starts to go downhill when I return from my am run, start getting ready for work and hear Coco scratching the bedspread.  Yup, we have peeing.  And I just changed the linen Sunday, only 2 days ago.  I’m thinking the reason may be that temps are way lower than normal and we had a tornado nearby Sunday, but I’m still working on reassuring her. And think, maybe I should bag tonight’s run.

Deal with that, off to work.  Where I have a lousy day.  This is rare.  A few years ago, I downsized my job.  I didn’t want to retire and couldn’t afford to, just took a job I believe in without the level of responsibility I once had.

Love my colleagues, the job and work conditions.   But it is a state bureaucracy and every rare so often, a yukky day occurs.  And so it did.   So here’s the second time I thought about chucking my run.


Tuesday night, however,  is speed work with my running group, Speedsters.  Just what I need.  Think positive!  Grab my bag, change into running gear and hop in the car to Centennial Park.   OMG.  It’s “season” here, meaning the snowbirds have descended from the north.  And there are major detours between me and my destination.  Oh gee, why not turn around, cut my losses, and just go home?   After all, I have sheets to wash.   I persevere.


  Finally,  I get to my destination, only to learn– when I check my phone– it has been changed due to an event in the area (that added to the traffic and parking woes).  Bag it?  Tempting…..but no.  I get into my light vest (for running in the dark), strap on the Garmin and take off on my own for the bridge.

Half mile to the bridge, then mile repeats for 4+ miles and a last little up and back to total 6.   So good.  I mean SO GOOD.   It’s not that I needed the miles.  And I’d run the bridge Sunday.  I just needed to get out there, in the night, just running.   I needed to leave the day behind, to exchange the petty defeats of the day for the triumph of just running; for the triumph of just refusing to give up.

So that’s it; my little example illustrating the RW quote.  And why, while on a small, personal level, it was very good not to give up.





......former public defender/legal aid lawyer, Teach For America teacher, and always running....

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