early morning running story

pink and grey

Humidity hangs.

Pushing against it, each step

lands with a soft squish.sneaker on pavement


Lost in fog of thought,

Cruising on familiar streets

Garmin keeping track.


Windows lighting up,

Papers on stoops; early bus—school bus 2

Coffee scents hover.



Pink and orange creeping,

losing to the grey.  Rain drops

bead on eyeglasses.

wet glass

Looking through prisms

skews the world.   See what rain

does to your vision?

small orange tree

Orange tree dripping fruit:

glowing orbs of juiciness-

Footprints in wet grass.

prints in grass


Heading home, the thief

Craves coffee, stuffs stash in shirt.

Latte, toast, no juice.

latte and toast


......former public defender/legal aid lawyer, Teach For America teacher, and always running....

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Marathoner, Detroit native, Red Sox Nation member, lover of all things "all singing/all dancing" and glad you're here. Friends with Coco, Caroline and Simon (2 cats & the Eclectus Parrot).

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