Runner in the Night

night runnerr



What do you think of

Running in the dark?  Do you

Reminisce of home?windows night


Looking in windows,

Light gleams on family life.

A cat scurries home.

cat street

Supper aromas,

Smell of the river rising—

January breeze.


Streetlights popping on

Feet tattooing lonely steps

No one waits for me.

night runner lonely

Clouds reveal the moon.

How melancholy it looks

Lone amid the stars.


Door squeaks; mom on porch

Calling kiddoes home.                     I grin,

Feeling ten again.

mom on porch









......former public defender/legal aid lawyer, Teach For America teacher, and always running....

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Marathoner, Detroit native, Red Sox Nation member, lover of all things "all singing/all dancing" and glad you're here. Friends with Coco, Caroline and Simon (2 cats & the Eclectus Parrot).

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