El Niño Effects


Once on a drear day,

My running steps took me past

Wee scenes of whimsy. 


As I consider

Running with an umbrella,

A plant shows me hers.



 There, behind that bush–

Rains bestow a red necklace

On grateful green ferns.


Scattered yellow leaves–

No seasons in Florida?

Looks like fall from here.


Where are the E.T.s

Who abandoned their spaceship

In this stone garden?




The tree sees herself

In the gray puddle mirror,

Glad for rainy days.


Lone bird flies above.

Reminds me I’m no poet–

Just a road runner.


Beaming in the dark,

Plucky little peach blossom

Tries to light my path.


Looking for happy;

Try to feel puddle-lucious–

Wet feet make it tough. 

Water is water

But a hot shower will trump

This shivery rain.


hot shower



......former public defender/legal aid lawyer, Teach For America teacher, and always running....

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Marathoner, Detroit native, Red Sox Nation member, lover of all things "all singing/all dancing" and glad you're here. Friends with Coco, Caroline and Simon (2 cats & the Eclectus Parrot).

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