Monday, FUNday: Race bag goodies

10 things I’d like in my race packet.  Two things first: note the race above asking for donations.  Really super feature and I’d gladly contribute.  Because it’s not all about me.  And note there’s a PSA somewhere in here for you to find.  Now have fun!

  1. Tissue packet. Every distance runner’s must have. Perhaps a sponsor would go for the cost if their name’s on the packet?tissues
  2. Sunscreen. Given that we’re going to be outside running for some time, this is a no-brainer. And it’s the kind of item travelling runners might forget to pack. (My friend Dr. Robin the dermatologist will be happy I included this so high on the list.  More on her at the end of this.)
  3. A singlet instead of a shirt. Yes I live in Florida, but most everyone lives some place where it is warm for at least a few months of the year and a singlet would be useful. I would think they’d be cheaper for RDs.   No sleeves!  And since very few/no races give out singlets, the advertising bang per buck for RDs who provided singlets with their races should be at least above average.  {See singlet modeled by Runner Robin, above}
  4. Keychain! Not all the time at all races, but once in a while.   A serious, decent one I can really use. Here’s a photo of one I got two years ago I use every day. IMG_0678Classic, understated, appreciated.
  5. Food. Preferably something good and recognizable to eat. Let the vendors at expos offer the funky (energy bars made from kale and omega-3 rich sardines! Hickory smoked KIND bars! Sea buckthorn juice!).  Chocolate is a good option.   A bag of trail mix. Sample size of some nut butter. Packets of whole grain crackers.
  6. An inspirational or humorous advert card. Yoo-hoo!   RDs who make up postcard type adverts for your upcoming races: most of us glance at them and toss them. Now if you put a quote having to do with running on one side, I bet I would keep it to put on my work desk, maybe send to a friend, or at least use as a book mark.
  7. Travel or sample size toiletries. For a while, those little tubes of Aquaphor were common. Love those; you can fit them in your shorts and they’re perfect for hotspots and rashes. Who can’t use a little toothpaste and/or new toothbrush?  Ibuprofen is good, too—those single dose little packets are swell.
  8. Cheap, lightweight flashlight.flash   I just got one at a discount store for $1. This would be tremendously useful in general, and so great for all those races that start at dawn or before.
  9. Earbuds. We’re hard on them so it’s always prudent to have a spare pair, even if they are cheap ones. Since a lot of airlines now want to charge you for theirs, I try to keep a fresh pair tucked into my bag when I travel.
  10. A refrigerator magnet. I know, but at least I’m honest. My work desk is metal and needs all the decoration it can get.

    Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon

    Or make it an auto magnet. They’re fun.

Now for that PSA: MELANOMA: No FUN.  See #2, above. Running for Cover Team



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