Runs of luck and splendor: Spring!


This weekend blossomed with friendship and the promise of spring everywhere I looked.

Here’s a bouquet of some of the lovely things I want to share:

A dad of a newborn tending to their son so mom could run a 5K (and pick up an AG award).  He even took photos of us and posted them on FB.

Another young mom running the same 5K, smashing her previous PR but not being able to attend the awards due to her other Saturday morning responsibilities (o yes, her award was carefully collected for her.)

A woman running her friend’s first half with her, reluctantly leaving her at the friend’s insistence to finish ahead.  Then-despite a very sore hip that had been screaming at her for the last 4 miles–insisting on heading back out on the course to find her friend…..only to be intercepted by another caring runner friend, not injured, who went back to find the newbie and run her in, along with several other support group folks.   Happily, smilingly united at the end.

The fortitude of the afore-mentioned woman with the painful hip, who just.would.not.quit.running-motivation-quote--746x420

A man running his first half at age 60, finishing second in his AG and being greeted by numerous friends and running buddies, clearly proud of his accomplishment.

The charming young talented runner celebrating her birthday by gathering her friends to run a half with her, and her selflessness at cheering them all on  even though it wasn’t a PR day for her.

Some runners not running the half who got up in the dark anyway and drove an hour+ to support, cheer on, and photograph their running friends.

Another runner with the group who PR’ed by a bunch, but kept quiet out of modesty.  And several who bore down and kept going when it got hotter.  And hillier.  And more humid.  They finished.

The teacher who runs so efficiently she makes it look as if she is hardly working, always ready with a smile and encouraging word.  And she’s a TEACHER, the hardest job in America.  I mean, how does she do it?

That always cheerful, concerned runner who carefully follows her own training schedule, so ran slower races both days than she is capable of running, but never talked about it (she’s training for Boston) and also was everywhere taking photos, cheering on others.

The husband and wife who run races on weekend and always inspire me with their steadfast faith and their love for each other (not to mention one of them who keeps me honest in races by beating me or making me work to keep from being beaten.)large

A cancer survivor who started her own race 6 years ago to benefit colon cancer and runs with the warrior spirit…..she never fails to call out to other runners to urge them on, and in addition, she’s one of the best dressed runners on whatever course she graces.  And she is beautiful.

The people who didn’t race, but put in long hours on long runs, training for Boston or helping their running buddies train.  They know it’s good to think positive, but that alone does not get you across the finish line.

The coach of most of these people, leading by example, and running with a form and fleetness most of us only can admire, but not emulate.  Thank you.


......former public defender/legal aid lawyer, Teach For America teacher, and always running....

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