At Lambeau Field

{Inspired by the Green Bay volunteers, this is for all race volunteers everywhere: Thank You!}Green Bay outside lambeau

The volunteers are already at work,

saluting each other as they report for duty.

Their brightly hued race shirts band them,

a peaceful army filling cups

in the long shadows of a spring dawn.

Green Bay

When I enlisted in the running corps

I timed my race arrivals as close to the start as possible.

Curled like a cat, Green catI slept clinging to my pillows,

ignoring the reveille bugling emails and commands

of the beleaguered Race Director.


Having weathered a few marathon skirmishes,

now I’m up before the alarm. I punch the coffee awake

and down some breakfast while dressing.

Like the Border Collie straining to get to pastures,

I’m anxious to head out into Race Day.


Trotting down the street, I wave at the yawning cop in his cruiser.

He grins back, giving me a thumbs up. Soon I am in a platoon

of bibbed runners, marching along with supporters, dogs and kids in strollers.Green Bay pre race

We fall into a loose formation as we converge in flanking maneuvers,

swarming the lines of volunteers with our needs and nerves.


We are no match for them. Smoothly they encircle us with their cheer

and preparedness.   In response to our thanks, they exhort us to

“Have a Great Race!”  In striving for glory, we rely on these troops.

Unsung, unpaid, unheralded, they make our weekend warrior dreams

possible.   Now, we hail this special squad, who give so we may run.



......former public defender/legal aid lawyer, Teach For America teacher, and always running....

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