“When your feet are smiling, your soul will follow!”

The title is a quote from my friend Melissa.  This makes perfect sense as she is the originator and proprietor of “My Soxy Feet,” one of the most captivating companies I know.  O.K., so I’ve worked in non-profits most of my life and am not a major business maven.  My feet, however, are encased in socks and running shoes just about every day.  (over 3,000 miles in 2015 so far)–sometimes twice a day.   They know from socks.  And Melissa makes really, really fine socks.  For everyone who wears socks, let me hasten to point out, not just runners.  She has special golfer socks, Tri-socks, tennis socks, socks for kids (with rubber grippers), even soxy man socks.

Your feet deserve these socks.  Your friends and family deserve them too.  They’re made with a blend of coolmax and other soxy material that keep your feet dry and happy.  And if you don’t love them, there’s a guarantee.  Since they’re fabulous socks, however, I won’t waste time going over that.  Let’s get right to the unique character of My Soxy Feet socks.  They don’t entirely match.  I mean, each pair goes together, but more like fraternal twins, not the identical ones.

Here’s a picture of a pair I wore on an auspicious occasion*.  United   See what I mean?  They go together in a complimentary fashion; and isn’t that the best kind of style?   As Melissa says: “You don’t have to be a pair to match!”   And that’s a fact, as most of can attest to from experience.

On her website, Melissa explains that each pair of socks is “an ode to someone who has helped me understand the interplay between challenge and joy. So on those days when excuses are looming, I hope that these colorful socks inspire you to get out and run.”  And you know they really do.

But wait, that’s not all!  There’s more!    In addition to her very creative, smart and funny brain, Melissa has a heart.  A big one.  So she isn’t making all the money she can on her socks.   If you read the fine print on her website, you’ll find that many of the pairs are dedicated to a group so that a portion of the sales go to them.  Check the cuties below.

Shine On

The words are from this quotation: “Only when the night is its darkest do the stars shine their brightest.” The inspiration is to the illuminating light of faith…because kids can’t fight cancer alone. So in that spirit, Melissa sends a portion of the sales to the BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation.

The red, white and blue ones were created after the Boston Marathon 2013 bombings. And a portion of their sales goes to the Run With Boston fund.  (*I wore mine in the 2014 Boston Marathon and came in 2nd in my age group.  It’s karma, people.)

Why not check out My Soxy Feet for yourself?  Here’s the website: My Soxy Feet  And if you are a runner, look for Melissa or her socks at a runner’s expo next time you’re picking up your race bib.  She not only stands behind her socks, but she stands IN them as well.  In fact, she even runs (and she’s pretty darn fast) in them.  If she passes you in a half-marathon or a full, be forewarned.



......former public defender/legal aid lawyer, Teach For America teacher, and always running....

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