Week 9 / Day 2


Drivers, hungry and bored, clamber home over the bridge

in congested lines. Tree swallows distract and amuse,

swooping and gliding along the river: glinting arcs

in their own supper quest.swallows

Pedestrian shadows elongate in the lowering light.

A lone runner on her fifth interval muses

as she accelerates past the earth-stuck cars.

bridge traffic 1

Her arms are wings this time.

She is pulled forward, pumping

and pulsing—faster, farther—feathers fluttering

Around her flowing form as it crests the bridge.


Twilight deepens; the bridge lights flicker on.

The birds, not sated yet, sail on still searching.

swallows pic

Repeat. She jogs back down to her start line to begin again.


......former public defender/legal aid lawyer, Teach For America teacher, and always running....

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Marathoner, Detroit native, Red Sox Nation member, lover of all things "all singing/all dancing" and glad you're here. Friends with Coco, Caroline and Simon (2 cats & the Eclectus Parrot).

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